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Diese Seite ist eine übersetzte Version der Seite Hauptseite und die Übersetzung ist zu 100 % abgeschlossen sowie aktuell.

Welcome to the APF Wiki page. The Wiki has been set-up to write down any kind of knowledge or experience. Our Wiki exists in parallel to the official documentation and is meant to be as a resource for further explanation, tips and tricks as well as for tutorials.


The Dokumentation page and it's sub-paged contain extended examples in addition to the official documentation.


Under HOWTOs you can find different content on implementing applications with the APF.


On the Tutorials page you can find complete implementation instructions and examples to ease getting started with the framework.

Web links

On Web-Links you can find interesting forum posts that might help you with your day-to-day work.

Important resources

The following list contains important online resources that are useful developing with the APF:

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