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0000339Adventure PHP FrameworkBugpublic2019-01-03 22:12
ReporterChristianAchatzAssigned ToChristianAchatz 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0000339: FormControlFinder::getFormElementsByTagName() throws exception when no form element is found within FormGroup element
DescriptionForm markup:

<html:form name="...">

   <form:group> ... </form:group>

   <form:button name="foo" />


Controller/tag code:


Method FormControlFinder::getFormElementsByTagName() does not return the button instance defined in the form but throws an exception for the above form markup.
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2018-10-08 13:25

administrator   ~0000874

Issue is caused by the fact that the form group has no child elements defined. Exception should only be thrown in case the entire sub-tree of the form has no "form:button" defined which cannot be determined within the nested run of the method.

Change signature of method to not throw exceptions but return empty list and let the caller decide how to handle "not found" use cases.


2018-10-08 21:31

administrator   ~0000875

Same issue applies to getFormElementsByType().


2018-10-08 22:04

administrator   ~0000876

Fix committed. See changes under


2018-12-22 17:18

administrator   ~0000878

Final fix committed under


2019-01-03 22:12

administrator   ~0000879

Fully back-ported all changes to release 3.4 code line. Changes are available in branch and tag

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