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0000326Adventure PHP FrameworkCode-Verbesserung // Code improvementpublic2017-11-04 17:19
ReporterChristianAchatzAssigned ToChristianAchatz 
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Product Version3.3 
Target Version3.4Fixed in Version3.4 
Summary0000326: Allow form control names with dashes using fillModel() and fillForm() functions to ease form control name definition
DescriptionUsing methods fillModel() and fillForm() form control names cannot contain "-" ATM since PHP does not accept "-" as part of the variable/property declaration. For this reason, dashes have to be replaced by underscores which contradicts good coding style.

Within this feature request, a mapping should be introduced to replace "-" followed by an arbitrary character by LCC representation.


foo --> foo
foo-bar --> foBar
foo-bar-bAZ --> fooBarBAZ

Using fillModel() the form control names should be transformed to valid PHP property names (e.g. "foo-bar" --> "fooBar") and fillForm() should consider to convert PHP property names into form control names (e.g. "fooBar" --> "foo-bar").

Using underscores should still be possible as before - i.e. there is no mapping for "foo_bar" matching to PHP property "$foo_bar".
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