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0000311GORM[Adventure PHP Framework] Code-Verbesserung // Code improvementpublic2017-08-28 09:30
Reporterthalo1Assigned ToChristianAchatz 
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Target Version[Adventure PHP Framework] 3.4Fixed in Version[Adventure PHP Framework] 3.4 
Summary0000311: Improve GenericORRelationMapper::saveObject for easier use with form-to-model mapping
DescriptionA simple form for create or edit objects like those as in UMGT leads to a mapping of an empty string for UserID (in the create form), and thus in an update query.

<html:form name="User">
   <form:text name="UserName" />
   <form:hidden name="UserID" />
   <form:button name="send" value="send" />

Because of the check on null, this never leads to a new record.
Additional InformationIn order to simplify the mapping, replace the following in modules/genericormapper/data/GenericORMapper:362

if ($id === null)


if (empty($id))
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2016-10-04 17:57

administrator   ~0000749

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Thanks for submitting this request!

Can you try mapping the form content to the DTO/model applying a list of fields to map with the fillModell() method?


2016-10-04 18:36

reporter   ~0000750

This would also work.


2016-10-05 08:23

administrator   ~0000751

Great news! Then I'd suggest to leave the implementation as-is since "null" is used as a type-safe indicator that the object has not been saved. Agree?


2016-11-27 18:58

administrator   ~0000756


any feedback for me? Would be great! :)


2017-08-28 09:30

administrator   ~0000787

Closing issue since "null" is an explicit indicator.

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