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0000273Adventure PHP FrameworkCode-Verbesserung // Code improvementpublic2015-11-06 10:47
ReporterChristianAchatzAssigned ToChristianAchatz 
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Product Version3.0.2 
Target Version3.1Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0000273: Introduce interfaces for form controls, form filter and validator tags to improve code structure
DescriptionATM, the FormControl interface contains only little information of the structure and behaviour of a form control. Further, there is no interface describing a form validator and a form filter.

With this issue, the FormControl interface should be enhanced and a new interface for both form control validator and filter tags should be introduced.
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2015-11-06 10:39

administrator   ~0000637

Introduced the following interface structure:

1) Form controls:

  |_ FormElement
       |_ HtmlForm
       |_ FormControl
            |_ FormElementGroup

2) Filters:

  |_ FormFilter (extends APFService)

3) Validators:

FormValidator (extends APFService)


2015-11-06 10:47

administrator   ~0000638

* Implementation done.
* Added unit test for form filters to ensure minimum coverage.
* Added migration script for method addAttributeToWhitelist() -> addAttributeToWhiteList() change.

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