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0000187Adventure PHP FrameworkNeues Feature // New Featurepublic2015-10-12 12:20
ReporterChristianAchatzAssigned ToChristianAchatz 
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Product Version2.1 
Target Version2.1Fixed in Version2.1 
Summary0000187: Enable extended templating expression for iterator
DescriptionThe iterator currently supports only dedicated tags such as

<iterator:placeholder />
<item:placeholder />

to display content.

To ease output generation it should support the extended templating sytax described under This means, that place holders within the iterator (not item!) can be declared as e.g.


Within an iterator item, object access on the respective item of each loop run should be accessible via the extended templating feature in addition to place holders.


<html:iterator name="coupons">
      <!-- item place holders set within controller -->
      <div id="${id}" class="${classes}">
         <div class="media">
            <div class="headline-container">
               <!-- direct access to the loop item -->
            <div class="media-body">
               <div class="coupon-expiry">
                  <span class="expiry-label">${item->expiryLabel()}</span>
                  <span class="expiry-date">${item->expiryDate()}</span>
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Codereferenz: ([Datei]:[Zeile])


related to 0000135 closedChristianAchatz Implementation of advanced templating proposal 
related to 0000105 closedChristianAchatz Fallback-Item für Iterator mit leerem Datencontainer 
related to 0000189 closedChristianAchatz Allow access to status variables within one loop run for iterator 



2014-05-12 00:32

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Documentation partly finished.

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