Break w/ PHP 5.6 and go for native PHP 7+ features.
0000348: [Dokumentation // Documentation] can´t be reached (ChristianAchatz)
0000345: [Bug] E-Mail Versand ContentType falsch (General Crime)
0000341: [Neues Feature // New Feature] <form:listener> in <form:error> verwenden (ChristianAchatz)
0000342: [Bug] TextLenghtValidation with minlenght=1 ist invalid with subject 0 (General Crime)
0000339: [Bug] FormControlFinder::getFormElementsByTagName() throws exception when no form element is found within FormGroup element (ChristianAchatz)
0000340: [Dokumentation // Documentation] Documentation for form <-> model mapping incomplete (ChristianAchatz)
0000338: [Migration] JSMin for shriking JS and CSS files is obsolete (dave)
0000314: [Dokumentation // Documentation] Official Docu for HtmlHeaderManager (dave)
0000204: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Git-Intergration im Bugtracker (jwlighting)
0000323: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Introduce strict type declaration for methods (ChristianAchatz)
0000335: [Bug] Filenames like "bootstrap.min.css" dont work with MediaInclusionTag (ChristianAchatz)
0000336: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Migrate mcrypt to OpenSSL to allow upgrade to PHP7.2 (ChristianAchatz)
0000332: [Bug] Interface for FormControl::addValidator() and FormControl::addFilter() not compatible in SimpleCaptchaTag (ChristianAchatz)
0000334: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Delete old UmgtAuthTokens which are expired (dave)
0000327: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Update PHPUnit to 6.4* (ChristianAchatz)
0000331: [Bug] Cookie is not deleted (ChristianAchatz)
0000329: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] ForgotPasswordController dont support dynamic links to reset password (dave)
0000328: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] HtmlLinkTag dont support "role" attribute (ChristianAchatz)
0000330: [Bug] Exception not logged (dave)
0000210: [Dokumentation // Documentation] Einführung von @inheritdoc in phpDocBlocks (ChristianAchatz)
0000291: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Missing Class "JSMin" for HtmlHeader JsCssPackager (ChristianAchatz)
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Break w/ PHP 5.6 and go for native PHP 7+ features.
0000122: [Neues Feature // New Feature] GDO->beforeDelete() (ChristianAchatz)
0000027: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Tabellenprefixe ermöglichen (ChristianAchatz)
0000337: [Bug] Beziehungen mit Zeitstempel funktionieren nicht mehr. (ChristianAchatz)
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