0000119: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Form iterator // reusable form elements (ChristianAchatz)
0000326: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Allow form control names with dashes using fillModel() and fillForm() functions to ease form control name definition (ChristianAchatz)
0000325: [Bug] Der HtmlLinkTag erstellt keine TagLibs in ihm. (ChristianAchatz)
0000015: [Neues Feature // New Feature] HTML5 Unterstützung für Formulare (ChristianAchatz)
0000324: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Extend API of SelectBoxTag to remove all or just single options (ChristianAchatz)
0000322: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Allow usage of HtmlFormTag->formFill() for GORM DTOs (ChristianAchatz)
0000321: [Sicherheit // Security] Guestbook2009 is vulnerable to XSS attacks (ChristianAchatz)
0000320: [Sicherheit // Security] Comments modul is vulnerable to XSS attacks (ChristianAchatz)
0000319: [Bug] SelectBoxTag::isSelected throws an exception if nothing is selected (ChristianAchatz)
0000316: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Improve compatibility with PHP7 (ChristianAchatz)
0000317: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Frontcontroller should throw an exception if context is not set (ChristianAchatz)
0000315: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Allow easy retrieval of templates and forms nested in <html:template /> tags (ChristianAchatz)
0000318: [Bug] Listener tags not notified in case of multiple listeners (ChristianAchatz)
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