0000147: [Sicherheit // Security] Automatischer XSS Schutz in Placeholdern (ChristianAchatz)
0000226: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Remove mailSender as it has been marked deprecated in 2.0 (ChristianAchatz)
0000251: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Refactoring mailSender (ChristianAchatz)
0000313: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Migrate APC(u) calls to apcu_*() methods to be fully compatible with PHP 7 and newer versions of APCu (ChristianAchatz)
0000312: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Remove default language value in APFObject to avoid ambiguous initialization status (ChristianAchatz)
0000297: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Introduce an easy way to fill forms (ChristianAchatz)
0000308: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Allow easy usage of loop template within condictional templates (ChristianAchatz)
0000307: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Allow manipulation of field visibility to be reflected in form validation (ChristianAchatz)
0000305: [Bug] Error bei Nutzung von executeTextBindStatement (ChristianAchatz)
0000304: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Extend TemplateCondition to allow numeric comparisons like lower than, equals, and greater than (ChristianAchatz)
0000303: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Allow hiding form group within template (ChristianAchatz)
0000302: [Code-Verbesserung // Code improvement] Enhance <loop:template /> to allow direct output in templates (ChristianAchatz)
0000301: [Neues Feature // New Feature] Enhance matches() template condition to work with regular expressions (ChristianAchatz)
0000300: [Bug] Application crushes with max execution time reached with missing space in tag definition (ChristianAchatz)
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0000306: [Sicherheit // Security] GORM - SQL Injection Vulnerability (ChristianAchatz)
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