"Table does not exist" error when using the usermanagement

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"Table does not exist" error when using the usermanagement

Beitrag von dr.e. » 30.01.2009, 10:29:46

If you are faced with the following error
[MySQLHandler->executeTextStatement()] (1146) Table 'xxx.cmp_application2user' doesn't exist (Statement: SELECT ent_user.* FROM ent_user INNER JOIN cmp_application2user ON ent_user.UserID = cmp_application2user.UserID INNER JOIN ent_application ON cmp_application2user.ApplicationID = ent_application.ApplicationID WHERE ent_application.ApplicationID = '1' ORDER BY ent_user.LastName ASC, ent_user.FirstName ASC)
using the usermanagement backend, the data base configuration may be wrong. Due to the fact, that the usermanagement utilizes the ConnectionManager, the DB.Type directive must contain an existing database driver with in the connection configuration. In case of MySQL the value must be MySQLx. A list of existing drivers can be seen at http://adventure-php-framework.org/Page ... ion-layers
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