Migration from 3.3 to 3.4

1. Introduction

This article shows how to update your application to APF version 3.4.

Version 3.4 is almost fully compatible with it's predecessor. Chapter 2 describes the necessary changes.

As of the 3.4 release enhancement of version version 3.3 will be discontinued. Security and bug fixes will be available until end of 2018.

2. Manual steps

With changes for Issue #318 the form validation API has ben changes. Please adapt the following occurrences within your application:

Implementation of interface FormControl:

PHP code
// old: public function addValidator(FormValidator &$validator) // new: public function addValidator(FormValidator $validator)
PHP code
// old: public function addFilter(FormFilter &$filter) // new: public function addFilter(FormFilter $filter)

Implementation of interface FormFilter:

PHP code
// old: public function __construct(FormControl &$control, FormControl &$button) // new: public function __construct(FormControl $control, FormControl $button)

Implementation of interface FormValidator:

PHP code
// old: public function __construct(FormControl &$control, FormControl &$button, $type = null) // new: public function __construct(FormControl $control, FormControl $button, $type = null)


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