Recommended development tools

Empfohlene Entwicklungs-Werkzeuge

Effciency of development is also matter of tools. On this page we recommend tools, that are useful for PHP development and do support development with the APF.

The graphics listed below are belonging to the producer of the tools described or are trademarks of the products described. Thus, they underly the copyright and the legal notes of the producer and are not freely usable. Moreover, please note our Legal notice.

As an IDE we recommend PHPStorm IDE. It features unique project management capabilities, excellent support for writing and refactoring code as well as an integration for xDebug.
Visual Paradigm SDE (UML Modellierung)
The uml tool SDE UML created by Visual Paradigm turns the Netbeans IDE into a great UML modelling tool. The community edition is available as free software. Now easy object orientated software development can become real.
The PHP extension xDebug enables you to debug PHP code in single step mode. In conjunction with the Netbeans IDE you can add break points to your code and check the status of your code at the desired lines.
KCacheGrind and WinCacheGrind
Both KCacheGrind and WinCacheGrind are very useful managing the performance of your PHP application. They can analyze cachegrind trace files created with xDebug to find bottlenecks within your web application.

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