On this page, you can read a summary of old news of the Adventure PHP Framework (APF).

APF 3.0 stable is there!

Proudly presented: The APF 3.0 stable!

Saturday, 27th April 2015

The APF team proudly announces the stable version of release 3.0 of the Adventure PHP Frameworks after more than 9 months of hard work.

This version is probably the biggest milestone in the history of the framework based on the amount of optimizations and new features that have been introduced. For this reason, the team has decided to label this version 3.0.

Within this version the APF parser has been completely rewritten to fully support XML structures. Details can be found in chapter Implementation of tags. Besides

have been added several improvements and enhancements.

A detailed summary can be found under Revision history or within the Issue Management Tool.

In order to ease update to the new version the APF team has added migration scripts for code and configuration. It updates existing configurations in less than a minute automatically.

Don't hesitate to upgrade today and download version 3.0!

The APF team

The APF team

Wednesday, 19th of September 2012

On the Team page the APF team introduces itself. At present, it consists of 10 persons who take care about the development and enhancement of features, the documentation and answering user questions. In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

References of the APF

References of the APF

Saturday, 02nd of Juni 2012

Under References you can see projects of the members of the APF community.

Are you still searching for a strong, flexible, but approved tool to create web pages and applications, than you may have a look at the strength of the APF!

Browsergame tutorials by Tobias Lückel

Browsergame tutorials by Tobias Lückel

Saturday, 05th of November 2011

Tobias Lückel has created a tutorial series within the past two months that introduces beginners to the development with the APF. He has chosen a browser game to step you through the single milestones of the tutorials.

Advanced developers are also welcome to learn more about installing and applying the User management module or create data models using the Generic o/r mapper.

You can finde the tutorials on the Articles page or directly in Tobias' Blog under

APF security award

Hacking & the APF 2009/2010

Sunday, 17th of January 2010

The APF Security Promise: Use the APF and profit by its security mechanisms! From scratch securely designed applications prevent the compromise of your system, guarantee the safety of your users data and of your reputation and let you put your mind at ease.

This article Hacking & the APF 2009/2010 describes, which mechanisms are included in the APF to face this danger and to secure your custom application. (read more…)

Download, installation und first steps - ein beginner tutorial by Ralf Schubert

Download, installation and first steps

Sunday, 04th of October 2009

Ralf Schubert, an enthusiastic APF developer likes the framework giving the chance to easily develop reusable UI elements (aka. widgets). To support beginners, he wrote this article to give a brief introduction into the framework and to ease the first steps using the APF.

Download, installation and first steps describes step-by-step how to set up the adventure PHP Framework, beginning with the download and ending with an "Hello world" application. (read more…)

RPM installation packages for the APF by Reiner Rottmann

APF goes RPM: install the Adventure PHP Framework via RPM

Sunday, 26th of September 2009

As of today, the APF can be installed and distributed on RedHat based LINUX distributions using RPM packages. Reiner Rottmann has therefor created a new YUM channel, that serves the APF demo application as well as the sample config files, the code package and the API documentation.

The RPM Installation HOWTO describes the managing of the APF packages with use of the Yellowdog Update Manager (YUM).

Performance check: Yii vs. APF (and CakePHP)

Performance-Check: Yii vs. APF (und CakePHP)

Sunday, 01st of March 2009

The article Yii. vs APF re-performs the RPS performance test from and compares the canditates CakePHP, Yii framework and adventure php framework. The result: the APF passes the Yii test! (read more…)

Why APF?

You think: "The APF is just another framework", too? On Why APF? you can find reasons why you should definitely use use the Adventure PHP Framework (APF)!

This is the short, but complete answer: The APF supports you to rapidly create enterprise ready web applications or modules, that are fast, secure and reusable. The framework therefore includes approved development tools to solve standard problems and implement pattern related applications.

Your first steps with the adventure php framework!

The tutorial My first website with the adventure php framework in the tutorials section shows, how easy it is to create your own website. In addition, the author describes, how complex websites can be created like and how you can load dynamic content into your content view. German users may also refer to the corresponding Forum. thread.

AJAX and the adventure php framework?

The article AJAX & the adventure php framework shows you, how AJAX applications can be embedded into your common application architecture, which problems occure during implementation and how the adventure php framework helps you to implement standardizes AJAX applications. The last chapter presents useful hints and some questions, that have to answered. Please add YOUR comment!

What is the performance of the Adventure PHP Framework?

Since today (25th of Oct 2007) the article Tests on PHP Frameworks (German only) is online. It compares different frameworks available and shows the key features and benefits and gives some advice to help to make a decision for specific product. But the article should not only be seen as a comparison but also as a resource for code snippets or implementation hints.

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