Legal notice

The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License v3, also known as GNU LGPL (q.v.: License). Therefore using the APF in closed source projects whose source code is not freely available is permitted. When downloading the source files you agree with the the terms of the GNU LGPL and assure that you won't infringe any of them. In case of a license violation we may institute proceedings against you if you don't remove the violation after messaging you.

Textual content on our site is (if not mentioned elsewise) available in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License, also known as GNU FDL, and therefore has a so called Copyleft. We grant you all usage and reproduction rights, also of commercial type, in case derived products are also released under the GNU FDL. With this license we make sure that the product will stay free in future. When using text from our website you agree with the terms of the GNU FDL.

If we publish third party content, it could have another license. In that case we will advise you.

Graphics from our website and the Adventure PHP Framework's logo don't come under the GNU FDL. If not elsewise mentioned, we reserve all rights of the graphics and allow usage only with explicit written permission. The proprietary license prevents abuse of the graphics and logo for foreign projects.

Third party graphics come under their creators licenses and may only be used in compliance with them. Especially these graphics are

For further questions about licensing feel free to contact us.

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