Privacy policy

The privacy is one of the most important properties of the person and we are persuaded that every person has the right to determine what is passed with his own dates and is not stored that any more about him, than for the company of the application inevitably. Therefore, on this page we depict which dates we raise within a visit of our site.

  • IP address

    The IP address is an essential date for the communication on the Internet. With every access you send your IP address to our server. It is saved in our log files and is used afterwards only for statistics purposes or for the recognition of attacks on our server (like Spam- or Bruteforce attacks) and is not associated with you. The IP storage does not serve the purpose of the production of movement profiles and is treated with the biggest care.
  • User agent

    The user agent is the identification of your browser. But you may nevertheless, change or suppress it. The user agent is used merely for the production of anonymous statistics and is not required to provide special functionality for your browser. If you do not want that it is stored with us, you can deactivate it.
  • Referer

    The Referer sends the page visited last to the server. On this occasion, it concerns a feature of your browser which you can control just as you like or switch it off completely. The Referer serves the purpose of the supply of additional functionality, he is not required on our web site, nevertheless and is also not saved there.
  • Session id

    In your visit you receive a session is from us which either is deposited in a cookie or is attached to the url. This session id brings your page views together and is essentially important for logins and various other functionality. They can inhibit the session id, while you reject cookies and delete the id from the url, however, the usability of the page is possibly strongly affected. The session id is not saved with lasting effect on our system and does not serve to trace your activities.

We treat all upraised data with extreme care and do not transmit them to other party, provided that we are not obliged juridically to it (as it can happen for the purpose of the criminal proceedings).

Provided that services of other parties are integrated into our pages, however, we have no influence on which data raise this and how they handle with it. Should such services be integrated into a page, we will inform you about it.

In order to provide a state-of-the-art web experience and to continuously improve our services we are using cookies. By using this web page you agree to the use of cookies. For more information, please refer to our Privacy policy.