Components documentation

This page contains the the documentation of the components of the Adventure PHP Framework (APF). Further documentation can be found on the Documentation page.

Common hints

To ease reading of the documentation, please take a look at the symbols and notations used within the subsequent chapters.

Optional tags or tag attributes are always noted in brackets. In case the documentation chapter includes a code box with

APF template
<core:importdesign namespace="" template="" [incparam=""] [context=""] />


APF template
<html:template name=""> [<html:placeholder name="" />] [<core:addtaglib namespace="" class="" prefix="" name="" />] </html:template>

the attributes incparam and context as well as the <html:placeholder /> and <core:addtaglib /> tags are declared as optional. In case you intend to use them, please remove the brackets. If you do not use them, the tags or attributes must be removed together with their surrounding brackets.

Using the tag definition from the code boxes as-is generates as ParserException since the syntax cannot be interpreted correctly by the APF template parser.

First steps

The pages listed below are intended to give you a brief introduction into development with the APF. In case these are not enough have a look at the Tutorials page.

  1. Basics
  2. Hello World!

The framework's core

The core of the framework merely consists of the ClassLoader mechanism and the front and page controller implementation as well as tools, that are responsible for the integration of the components. These are:

  1. Class loading
  2. Page controller
  3. Front controller
  4. Request processing
  5. Templates
  6. Extended template functionality
  7. (Document-)Controller
  8. Parser secrets
  9. Configuration
  10. Registry
  11. Filter
  12. Logger
  13. Creation of objects
  14. Services
  15. Error handling
  16. Exception handling
  17. Benchmark
  18. ConnectionManager

Tools & helper

The included tools and helper extend the core components and help you to implement web applications more efficiently.

  1. Standard taglibs
  2. Special-tags
    1. Iterator tag
    2. Mediastream tags
    3. Generic importdesign tag
    4. core:appendnode tag
  3. URL rewriting
  4. Validation
  5. Forms
  6. Usage of forms
  7. Links
  8. ImageManager
  9. StringAssistant
  10. StringEncryptor
  11. CacheManager
  12. FilesystemManager
  13. RandomStringManager
  14. ExtendedSoapClientService
  15. MultiFileUpload
  16. FileSystem
  17. E-mail distribution


The framework's release ships modules, that are built on the core components ans tools. They can be uses as a basis for your applications and can be seen as "extended helper".

  1. Comment function
  2. Contact form
  3. Pager
  4. Socialbookmarking
  5. CAPTCHA tag (for forms)
  6. ReCaptcha (for forms)
  7. User management module (partially deprecated)
  8. Benutzer-Verwaltung (German only)
  9. Generic o/r mapper


Since the end of 2009, engaged APF user have provided their extensions to the community. These extensions are directly packaged with the APF release und are thus maintained with each release. The documentation of the extensions which are not listed here can be found within the extensions folder of the release package and the Wiki.

  1. HTMLHeader-Extension

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