All around the APF a various number of community driven content exists. These enclose forum contributions, articles in the APF knowledgebase and extensions which are made available by experienced users. The following sections give you a brief introduction.


The Forum is one of the central points of communication. Here, questions concerning the documentation and the development with the APF are discussed as well as to design concepts.


The FAQs forum and the wiki section FAQs (German) contain answers to frequently asked questions all around the APF development. Developers and experienced users help beginners to spread knowledge faster and to present to approved solutions to experienced users.


As of release 1.11 the APF contains so called "Extensions". Extensions are custom modules or tools that are not part of the official APF releases but are contained in the official SVN repository. This guarantees, that a user's extension will work with future releases. On the other hand, developers contributing extensions will be informed on API changes early. The extensions contained in the repository are documented on the wiki page User contributed extensions (German).


Under the Tutorials (German) section quick solutions are presented to solve known tasks in you developer's life. The wiki pages are also intended to give back your knowledge to the community!

Issue Tracker

Within the Issue Tracker page you find a list of current bugs. This page should be the first page to have a look at if you feel you have found a bug. Please keep in mind the article How to report a bug in case you are intending to file an issue.

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