What is the Adventure PHP Framework?


The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) includes a strong kernel. Based on the Page controller, the framework can be adapted to you needs very easily. Further, the core-supporting components are helping you to let efficient development happen.


The APF contains various security mechanisms to develop secure web applications. Hacking & the APF 2009/2010 analyzes the last year of operation and describes the mechanisms provided.


In our opinion, performance is an important issue! To ensure this, the APF kernel is designed for maximum performance. Thus, the APF wins the RPS-Benchmark!


Driven by the community and the APF developers, each release contains new features that make web application development a pleasure even more. The Roadmap describes the technical innovations that will be included in the next releases.

What is the Adventure PHP Framework not?

All over solution

The APF is a web application development framework supporting to create individual solutions. It is not an all over solution that must be installed and configures like a CMS or a similar application.

Nevertheless the framework includes several modules that are intended to be directle be included in your applications.


Using the APF does not mean, that your application automatically is modern, reusable and fast by design! You nonetheless have to be willing to create a well designed software solution.

But the good news is, that the framework does support you to create applications by using established design patterns.


The APF contains no tools for automatic code generation. We think this is a conceptual failure that leads to code that is only maintainable having high costs or is not serviceable at all.

Concerning the database the APF contains the Generic o/r mapper which is a tool that completely abstracts O/R mapping. Thus you do not need to write "hyper-intelligent" model classes.

How to get started?

To make it easier to start with the APF, a huge number of tutorials - "hello world!" up to more complex examples - are available on this page. The following list presents the most important areas on the documentation website. Moreover, we recommend the tools described under Recommended development tools.

  • Hello world!: The "Hello world!" example is a quick introduction into the Adventure PHP Framework (APF). It describes, how a simple web page can be created out of one templata and one bootstrap file (index.php).
  • My first website: The "My first website" tutorial describes a simple web page built on the framework. Beside the basic construction of the page, the article contains a howto for dynamic content generation in two flavours.
  • APF-Modul erstellen (German): This forum based tutorial demonstrates, how a module can be created with the framework. As an example, a simple calculator consisting of various form fields is created. For the reason of convenience, the business logic is encapsulated in a document controller.
  • Basics: The basics page gives you a feeling about the design and the components of the framework. This chapter also includes a guideline for building applications. Besides, in a continuing chapter the basic configuration with help of the Registry is described.
  • Documentation: The documentation page offers an overview of the available documentation chapters. Besides, the respective documentation pages offer the possibility to add own comments, so that the quality of the content can be improved steadily and be enriched with experiences.
  • Tutorials: The tutorials page contains an overview of the tutorials available. Thereby, the spectrum of tutorials varies from beginner tutorials like user specific taglibs and my first web page to more complex tutorials like comment function, guestbook and front controller.
  • Sandbox: The sandbox offers a fully functional demo web page with info material and tutorials which is suitable especially for the development of new modules and applications. Further details can be taken from the sandbox page.
  • Literature: The literature page points out, which literature is helpfully for the work with the framework. In addition, a document which deals with the complete process of the software development can be downloaded on the page.

Common informationen

Here you can find common information about the APF:

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