This pages gives you an overview of the available documentation. These are the documentation of the components of the APF, the API documentation, numerous tutorials and articles as well as a FAQ database and the APF wiki.

Component documentation

The components of the APF are described under Components documentation. There, you are provided a detailed summary of the ingredients of the framework with a reference on the desired chapter of the documentation pages.


In addition to the Roadmap features, engaged APF user have provided their extensions to the community. These extensions are directly packaged with the APF release und are thus maintained with each release. The documentation of the extensions can be found within the extensions folder of the release package and the Wiki

API documentation

The API documentation should be involved in each implementation session. It contains a source code documentation and is thus suitable for taglib implementation.


On the Tutorials page you can find various tutorials, that ease the first steps with the APF. Particularly suitable for starting with the apf, the Download, installation and first steps can be consulted.


The documentation includes a great number of articles. These deal with different topics from the objectoriented software development and introduce concepts for effective web application development based on the APF.

Knowledge data base

The APF knowledge data base contains code samples and tutorials as well as further reading and user contributions.


In case the above pages do not suffice, the following sections can be used as well:

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