GIT repository

In Release 2.1 source code management has been changed to GIT and the repository has moved to GitHub.

The GitHub repositories contain all components of the frameworks, the documentation, sample applications (i.e. the Sandbox), and further tools.

Please note that sources from the master or feature-* branches may contain unstable changes. Thus, please use release-* branches to your convenience. If you want to try out new functionality, you are welcome to use the current development state.

The code repository contains the core of the framework. In case you want to use it on your local environment, just do the following:

mkdir APF && cd APF git clone .

Now, you can run your applications as you are used to for normal APF releases.

More on working with GIT and the APF can be read about in our Wiki under GIT Repository and Local setup of the APF docs page. A very good summary on working with GIT can be found under
In case a release has not been published yet, snapshots are created once per hour from the code repository. At present, the following snapshots are available:

Please note the remarks on the structure of the repository under GIT Repository.

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