On this page web pages and applications are presented that are using the APF as it's basis. In case you have any kind of questions to one of the projects, we could connect you to the project lead. Please use the contact form or the Forum to get in touch with us.

Is your project not part of the list yet? We would be pleased to it it here! If not, use the above contact points and send us your project today!

1. - Corporate website and APF support

On Ralf Schubert offers standard and individual web development as well as creating content management based websites using the APF.

Additionally, he provides professional support and development for the Adventure PHP Framework.

Develovision - Professional APF support

2. - Web page of the German THW in Wardenburg has been created for a competition among several youth groups of the German THW. Jan Wiese has been awarded for his website based on the APF as one of the best pages. Since 2010 the portal is used as platform to ad the THW in Wardenburg. - Web page of the German THW in Wardenburg

4. - Food ingredient database

On David Mohrig initiated a database that is intended to keep track on the best offers within the food sector with all user's help. Besides, the page provides extensive information about interesting and unknown ingredients and additions as well as brands and vendors. - Food ingredient database

5. WebRex CMS

WebRex is an Open Source Content Management System that has been released by Nicolas Pecher under the GNU General Public License on April the 10th 2011 for the first time. The APF is used as a technical platform for development as well as a framework for feature development based on the CMS. Using WebRex web pages can be easily created without additional knowledge using the Admin Control Panel.

WebRex CMS - a CMS based on the APF

6. wsCatalyst - an APF extension for simply creating websites

The wsCatalyst is an extension of the Adventure PHP Frameworks to create web pages easily. It offers integrated user management, database connections for PDO and MongoDB as well as a RouterHandler to work with url structures and many more.

wsCatalyst - an APF extension for simply creating websites

7. Streaming administration

The Messe München GmbH (Munich trade fair company) operates a variety of web pages and offers their customers many multimedia content. To administrate the streaming infrastructure they created a web UI that allows editors to easily upload, transcode, and publish audio and video content.

Streaming infrastructure administration

8. - Corporate website

The corporate website of the Erzeugerrings für Blumen und Zierpflanzen Unterfranken e.V. uses the APF as a basis for their internal and external content. Besides, the APF is used as a development framework for the dynamic functionality offered to their customers. Content management is done by a CMS created on top of the Adventure PHP Framework. - Corporate website

8. - Corporate website

The corporate website of the Erzeugerrings für Blumen und Zierpflanzen Ober- und Niederbayern e.V. uses the same technical setup as the preceding reference. - Corporate website

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