The class StringAssistant provides static methods to manipulate stings.

Method Description
escapeSpecialCharacters() Strips special characters that can be problematical during saving data to a database or while displaying them in form controls.
replaceSpecialCharacters() Replaces characters that are not allowed for files names and returns a sanitized string.
encodeCharactersToHTML() Encodes a string into HTML entities.
generateCaptchaString() Generates a string, that can be used as a captcha check string.

Using the above methods is as follows:

PHP code
use APF\tools\string\StringAssistant; $sanitizedString = StringAssistant::escapeSpecialCharacters($_REQUEST['some-parameter']); $captchaChallenge = StringAssistant::generateCaptchaString(5); $entityEncoded = StringAssistant::encodeCharactersToHTML('');


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