Contact form

Contact form is the most often module found within a web page. This module offers a complete software stack, that must be configured to meet the needs. The module can be added to a website by providing the XML tag
APF template
<core:importdesign namespace="modules::kontakt4::pres::templates" template="contact" />

A detailed description on the function of this module can be found in the Tutorials section under Contact form.

Please attend to the notes on the HTML formatting of the module described under Contact form!

As of release 1.15 the module supports configuration of language-dependent templates for confirmation and notification emails. The templates are configured within the file


Each section of the file defines the templates for the appropriate language:

APF configuration
[de] confirmation.namespace = "modules::kontakt4::pres::templates::mail" confirmation.template = "confirmation_de" notification.namespace = "modules::kontakt4::pres::templates::mail" notification.template = "notification_de" [en] confirmation.namespace = "modules::kontakt4::pres::templates::mail" confirmation.template = "confirmation_en" notification.namespace = "modules::kontakt4::pres::templates::mail" notification.template = "notification_en"

For a start, you may use the sample configuration file EXAMPLE_mail_templates.ini under /config/modules/kontakt4/ from the apf-configpack-* release file.


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