Comment function

1. Inclusion

The comment function module is a module that can be configured and included in each web page by adding an XML tag:
APF template
<core:importdesign namespace="modules::comments::pres::templates" template="comment" categorykey="{CAT_KEY}" />
The value "{CAT_KEY}" must be changed to something useful.

2. Configuration

2.1. Application configuration

The module uses a database table to save the comments. For this reason, a database configuration must be defined in the module's configuration. The name of the configuration file is
and the content looks as follows:
APF configuration
[Default] Database.ConnectionKey = "..."
Details on the configuration can be taken from the Configuration chapter.

2.3. CAPTCHA module

To protect the comment form from spam posts, the form was added the CAPTCHA taglib (for forms). This APF module needs further configuration in order to dynamically display the captcha module. So please take the steps necessary from the linked module desciption page.

2.2. CSS adaption

In order to adapt the design of the module fitting your page layout, several classes are included in the HTML markup. For a start, you can use the stylesheet, that is delivered together with the module's code:
APF template
Including the module into your page, your stylesheet should contain the content of the example file. This can be achieved by adding the whole stylesheet to your page header or by defining the relevant classes within your existing stylesheets.

3. Note

A detailed description on the function of this module can be found in the tutorials section under Comment function.


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