As you can take from the Roadmap, the 1.8 branch contains a redesigned FilesystemManager. The new component was cleaned the dependencies to the core namespace and moved to the tools namespace.

The class posesses the following methods:
  • deleteFolder(): Deletes a folder. If the second param is set to true, the folder is deleted recursively.
  • createFolder(): Creates a folder in recursive style. The second param can be used to indicate the umask.
  • copyFile(): Copies a file.
  • removeFile(): Deletes a file.
  • uploadFile(): Handles a file uploaded via HTTP.
  • renameFile(): Renames a file.
  • getFolderContent(): Returns a list of files/folders within a folder.
  • getFileAttributes(): Returns an associative array of file attributes.
  • getFolderSize(): Returns the size of a folder.
Details on the params and return values can be seen in the API documentation of the desired release under Downloads. The class must be included by
PHP code
prior to use.


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